A journey to create something beautiful every day!

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Hello everyone! 

I’d like to start out this blog with an introduction. My name is Jen and I love to craft. (Also, I take my best photos with mascots….strange but completely true. I’ll show you more examples in another post but for now enjoy this photo of me with Seattle Mariner’s Moose). You name a craft and I have either tried it, sometimes unsuccessfully, or I have plans to try it in the future – sewing – crocheting – woodworking – pottery – stamping – painting – metal working – just to name a few.

Something that I’ve recently learned about myself is that I think being good at many things is more fun than being great at one thing and that I don’t like doing the same thing repeatedly. Yes, there are some crafts that are cheaper or easier/less time consuming than others so there might be more of those, but there will be a lot of variety in my posts. There are so many different things to try how could I ever settle on one?

You know those Pinterest fail photos that we all love to look up? Well sometimes that will be me. I will be honest with you and show you how badly it turned out and what my mistakes were. Other times crafts will turn out better than I had anticipated and that is the wonderful adventure of it all. You never quite know how something is going to turn out until it is done.

So, on this blog I plan to share my adventures with you. The adventures of trying a new art. The adventures of getting it wrong. The adventures of finding something new that I love. The adventures of creating beauty from ordinary objects like paper, fabric and yarn. I’ll share the ups and the downs and all the steps in between in hopes that you get inspired to try something new. I’ll share these adventures through pictures as well as how-to videos. Hopefully you will come with me on this journey and we can create together.

Let the Crafting Adventures begin!