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12 New Skills in 2018

This month was my 26th birthday. To celebrate another trip around this sun this year, I’ve decided to learn/try 12 new skills by doing one per month for the year until I turn 27. I in no way plan to become an expert in any of these crafts, however they are skills I’ve been wanting to try for awhile and thought I would share my journey with you, my readers. I plan to do a giveaway associated with each of these skills, so be sure to follow me over on instagram so you do not miss out! So without further introduction, here is my list and a photo of some inspiration.

The Crafter's Box Hand lettering Course


1. Handlettering


I am inspired by all the beautiful hand lettering I see on pinterest and instagram especially Lisa Funk as seen below. See more at @handlettereddesign. I also was lucky enough to win an instagram contest from The Crafter’s Box that included a handlettering course!


2. Watercolor



I’ve been following Natalie Malan on instagram for awhile now and convinced my mom to buy me one of her watercolor courses for Christmas. So excited to try it out and learn how to paint these beautiful succulents. Find a class here!



3. Soap Making



Full disclosure on this one-I took a soap making class in November las year, but it made the list for this year because I have never made it on my own. Seemed easy enough when I was in the class….. Shout out to my awesome mother in-law for the great Christmas present of the soap class!






4. Foundation Paper Piecing



Ever since I saw these free Star Wars patterns I knew I had to give it a try. Luckily I have friends with rotary cutters and experience doing this one. Haven’t decided if I am going to make it all into a quilt or not yet. One step at a time.






5. Weaving Wall-Hanging



I think I will start my weaving with something like this. Cute and yet simple way to practice the stitches. This photo to the right is the end goal. One day I will hopefully be able to create something as beautiful as this. There are plenty of youtube and pinterest tutorials that should help me out.





6. Needle Felting


Okay no idea what I will end up felting, but probably an animal since that seems like the place to start. I may end up buying a kit from Michaels or just go for it on my own. I’ll keep you updated. Just look how cute he is!



7. Embroidery


Since I have grown up cross stitching, the transition to embroidery should be easy in theory, but who even knows. That is the exciting thing about this year. I get to try all the craft projects I have been wanting to but just haven’t gotten around to. Hard to start something new when you don’t know where to start.



8. Paper Flowers


These crepe paper flowers are inspiring. I used to make tissue paper flowers when I was younger for my friend’s birthdays, but I’ve never tried making them out of crepe paper. They look so much more realistic. Plus, since I can’t keep any real flowers alive for long, it would be fun to make a more permanent arrangement.




9. Freezer Paper Stencils


This seems pretty straight forward and a good use for my Cricut Explore machine. See basic instructions: here Turns out you can use any pumpkin carving pattern. Maybe I will even use this to make additional squares on the star wars quilt….?



10. Photo Frame


Yes I have conquered wooden furniture in the past, but I’ve never attempted to make a picture frame. My friend Sammy made this one and I love it. I think it fills a blank wall in a space so well. Here is to hoping that whatever apartment we live in next year still has a wall for it!



 11. Vinyl Home Decor


I thought I should put my circuit explore air to better use by recreating a few home decor items I have seen at the craft store and liked. Similar to the travel tracker map I made here.



12. Sew Clothes


I used to sew clothes back in high school, but I haven’t since. I am never 100% happy with clothes I buy off the rack- too long, too short, too big, too small- so why not make a shirt or cardigan I really like? I found this website that sells clothes patterns via Elise Joy’s podcast called Elise Get’s Crafty.




Yes….it is a little ambitious and there are several other projects I also want to complete this year, but without this goal I probably would not get as much done. Keep me accountable. Still unsure if I will do them in this order. We will see what the year brings! Here’s to what should be another great trip around the sun!!

Have any creative goals for the year? Share them with me in the comments! I’d love to hear.

Hi there! My name is Jen and these are my crafting adventures. Join me on my journey to create something beautiful every day!

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