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How to Make Your Own Necklaces from Buttons!

Do you collect spare buttons that come with shirts but end up doing nothing with them? Did you find a cool jar of buttons at your grandma’s house? Do you like statement necklaces? If any of these apply to you, this is the perfect craft- a button necklace. Full disclosure, this was my first time ever making jewelry and it really wasn’t as tricky as I thought it would be. If I could figure it out, so can you! Lets get started!


Step 1: Layout your buttons

Pour out all your buttons that you have collected and begin sorting them. For me, I had purchased 3 necklace chains so I organized the buttons into 3 groups (black & gold, black & silver, gold & pink). Think what would work well together or what kind of “look” you want to go for. If you are struggling to find your “look”, lay out a few of your favorite necklaces for inspiration.

Step 2: Necklace time!

Start placing the buttons on the felt and find an order and amount that looks visually appealing. It takes plenty of rearranging and being willing to work toward a certain necklace shape. Below are examples of the shapes I decided on. Each are a little bit different and that is what makes them great!

Step 3: Glue it down

Once you love the way your layout looks, time to glue it down! Use the hot glue and make sure the buttons are secure. Remember the glue will dry clear so don’t be afraid to use a little extra to make sure it stays.

Step 4: Prepare the chain

This is where things get a little tricky, but if I can do it, so can you! (Also see video)

Grab each side of a single link with two pliers and pull apart. This will open up the chain. The first step will be to shorten it (if you would like to). These necklaces look best when they are short so I opened up the chain twice and took out the middle portion.

Step 5: Cut them out

Take those beloved fabric scissors and cut out your glued down buttons. Try to cut close to the edges but make sure to leave room where we will attach the chain.

Step 6: Connect the chain

This is why it is important to leave a little bit of that felt when cutting it out. Poke a hole in the felt using a needle (just your average sewing needle will do) and thread the shortened chain through the hole. Then using the same technique used to shorten the chain, open up the link using the two pliers. Once the link is open, feed it to a link on the chain and close the link to solidify the loop. (See video if you have further questions).

Step 7: Try it on & show it off!

Hi there! My name is Jen and these are my crafting adventures. Join me on my journey to create something beautiful every day!