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DIY Christmas Tree Skirt with Pom-Poms!

Christmas tree skirts. The one thing you wish you had when Christmas decorating begins, but by that time it is normally too much work to make one yourself. However, this tree skirt is easy, cute and quick!


  • Christmas Fabric
    • 2 yards of red
  • 4 yards of pom-pom trim
  • Quilt batting (baby blanket size)
  • Sewing machine
  • White thread
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Pattern- I just chose one Joanns had

Time: 4 hours

Cost: $$

Step 1: Pick Out Fabric

I went to JoAnn’s in January last year and bought Christmas fabric on sale. This would be my recommendation to lower the cost of your project. I decided on 3 pattern fabrics and 1 solid for the back, but you can do any combination. The pattern calls for 2 pattern fabrics instead of 3, so I just adjusted the size of the pattern pieces to accommodate another color. If you are a beginning seamstress, I would recommend sticking with only 2.

Step 2: Wash Fabric

This is the step I always forget about. Before you cut or start sewing, you need to wash your fabric to pre-shrink it. To make this step easier, just put the fabric straight in the wash after getting back from the store.

Step 3: Cut Out Pattern Pieces

Find the pieces for project D on the pattern and pin it down on the fabric. Make sure to line up the arrow on your pattern so that each of the pieces have a cohesive look. (See photo for example). Cut out all of the pieces and set aside. Make sure to include the triangle cut outs on the edges so the pieces will be easier to line up.

Step 4: Sew Together

Pin the triangle pieces together 2 at a time using the cut outs as a guide. Then sew the pieces together and continue until only one edge remains open and a complete circle has been made. Be sure to sew the 2 back pieces together as well.

Step 5: Iron

Iron the top and back pieces prior to sewing them together. Make sure all the seams are ironed down. Because I used white fabric, I ironed the seams down on the colored side so it would not show through the white.

Step 6: Lay Out Batting

Lay out the batting and place the top and bottom of the skirt on top of the batting with their right sides together. So the layers from top to bottom should go–> red bottom upside-down, top skirt right side up, batting.

Step 7: Cut Batting

Cut the batting around the outside of the tree skirt top and bottom so that it is the same size. This will make it easier to pin and sew together.

Step 8: Pin With Pom-Poms

This is probably the trickiest part of the entire project. I even had to google how to add the pom pom trim because it is not straight forward. I will attempt to explain but the photo shows it best. Place the pom-poms in between the two skirt layers with the pom-poms facing the inside. This will leave the trim along the edge of the fabric. Pin in place.

Step 9: Sew Together

Now that all the layers are pinned together, the next step is to sew. Switch to a zipper foot so the pom-poms do not get in the way. They will naturally fall along the left side of the foot and control how far over you can move the fabric to sew. Make sure you are sewing through all 4 layers (batting, pom-pom trim and 2 layers of sewn skirt).

I sewed around the entire outside of the skirt then up one of the edges and around the middle circle and left a portion of the other straight edge open. You will use this to turn the skirt right side out.

Step 10: Turn Skirt Right Side Out

Use the hole you left to turn the skirt right side out making sure to get the corners out.

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt with Pom-Poms!

Step 11: Sew Opening Closed

Pin opening closed and hand sew using a needle and thread. I used the blanket stitch so that nothing would show.

Step 12: Place under the tree!

Time to show off your hard work by placing the skirt under the tree. Time to decide what side looks best this year since it is reversible. I would love to see your finished tree skirts!

And it is even reversible!

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt with Pom-Poms!

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