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Crocheting a Purse from Rope…Good Idea or Not?

How to crochet a $25 purse using jute rope.

So the other day I saw this pin on pinterest about a beautiful crochet purse and I thought to myself, “I can make that.” If I can make it, so can you. Below are the directions to do so, but let me tell you something very honestly. I will never make this again. Why you ask? Rope cuts up your hands with each stitch and makes your wrist sore since you have to hold the piece so tight to get the hook through. If this were normal yarn, it would’ve taken less than half the time to make.

That being said, if you were to pace yourself and maybe wear gloves while working, the finished product is beautiful and may be worth the hard work. When was anything this pretty easy anyways?


Cost: $25

Time: 40 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

How to crochet a purse from jute rope

Step 1: The Bottom

In this pattern we start with the bottom of the bag. This is where you get to decide how big you want to make it. I like the size the pattern makes it (final bag measures 12 in. wide and 8 in. tall not including straps). To increase in length, simply cast on more stitches to your initial line. To increase in width, add more times around the oval. To increase in height, add more start stitch rounds before finishing off with normal stitches at the top. If I were to make this again, I would probably increase it to fit a beach towel since it has the perfect beach bag look.

Step 2: Watch YouTube

Before you begin attempting the star stitch with the jute rope, I would recommend watching this youtube video. It is great at explaining the star stitch and I referred to it often while completing this purse. I have embedded the video for convenience since it is that good.

Step 3: Attempt the Star Stitch

Start working on the body of the crochet purse and create your first row of star stitches. Congrats! Now repeat those rows as many times as you want to make the bag the height you want. Typically, bags look best when they are not taller than they are wide so use that as a guide.

Close up of star stitch crochet using jute rope

Step 4: Just Keep Crocheting

By this point your hands and wrists probably hurt but you just need to keep going a little longer for the crochet purse to be completed. Don’t stop now. Power through. You’ve got this.

Step 5: Line with Fabric

How to crochet a purse from jute rope.

This step is completely optional but I decided I would use this crochet purse more often if it was lined. I folded the fabric in half and sewed 2 of the 3 open sides closed. Then cut off the excess and measure by placing it inside the purse. Sew again until the bag fits inside. Hand stitch inside the purse along the top rim.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Leave long tails on both ends of your handles so that you can weave the tails through the main purse body to make the handle attachment super strong.
  • Keep the base as symmetrical as possible. It is worth ripping out a row or two to get this right. Otherwise the bag will not be flat on the bottom and will not stand up on the ground.
  • When lining the purse, sew a bag larger than you need and then continue trimming down. Better to have more fabric then not enough and this bag will stretch. You want the inside to fill all the gaps.
  • Attach handles prior to lining to cover up stitching used to attach the handles.

Learn how to crochet a purse out of jute rope for only $25 in materials!


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