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Create Your Own Travel Tracking Map!

Been wondering how to track all your travels? This DIY travel map is perfect! Video tutorial included.

Just like me you have probably seen several creative ways to keep track of all your travels on pinterest. I decided to combine all the things I liked about each of them and make my own travel map! This one is of the entire world because the husband and I have pretty big plans for our lives. However, for ease I have created a map of just the United States with steps below. These same steps can be used to make a larger world map as well since that is what I did.

Materials (with links):

Time (excluding drying time): 2 hours

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Step 1: Cut the Wood

I would complete this step before leaving the store. Typically Home Depot or Lowes will do one cut for you so know ahead of time how large you want your map to be. My world map is 3×2 feet and my USA map is 1×2 feet.

Step 2: Paint or Stain the Wood

For my world map I decided to stain the wood using the stain I already had from THIS project. For the USA map, I decided to go with chalkboard paint to switch it up. Do whatever you think you will like the best. Keep in mind the color of vinyl you plan to use so that there will be a contrast.

Step 3: Let it Dry

Let the paint or stain dry completely before moving onto step 5. While you wait, you can move onto step 4. I’d recommend letting it dry overnight just to be safe.

Step 4: Cut Out Map

For this step I used my Cricut (see it here) and found a jpeg file of the world and also the USA and the Cricut did all the work. It would be possible to do this without a silhouette cutter by tracing the outline directly onto the vinyl and cut out by hand.

Step 5: Transfer

Once the shape is cut out of the vinyl, use transfer tape to pick up the image on the right side so that when you can lay down the sticky side accurately.

Step 6: Place on Board

Place the vinyl on the painted board and be sure to flatten out all air bubbles. This can be done using a ruler (as shown in the video). Once this is done, peel off the transfer tape to leave the map behind.

Full disclosure–In the video you can see the vinyl not sticking very well to the chalkboard tape….I accidentally use restickable vinyl instead of the permanent kind so it didn’t stick well to the board. After making the video, I repurposed the board and will show you what I made soon. Lesson learned- get permanent vinyl like on my world map version.

Step 7: Hammer the Pins

Now for the fun part. Show off where you have been by taking pins and hammering them into the map. Hang it up on the wall for a fun statement piece and continually add pins the more places you go!


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